Gyromounts.com provides gyro-stabilized mounting systems for cameras, scanners, projectors, and scientific instruments that need to be stabilized when used in moving or rocking vehicle applications. Gyromounts.com products use genuine Kenyon Laboratories Gyros for true mehanical gyro-stabilization and superior vibration isolation.

Gyromounts.com founder and Chief Engineer Peter Papathanasiou graduated in 1988 from the New Jersey Institute of Technology with a BS degree in Mechanical Engineering. While at NJIT Peter worked as a Research Assistant in the Micro-Mechanics Laboratory on the design and development of micro-mechanical gyros and their applications. Peter's obvious machine design background comes from working as a civilian engineer designing ground support equipment for Naval Air Engineering Center in Lakehurst NJ.

During the 1990's Peter ran his own engineering consulting firm specializing in Automated Machine Design and Product Design Development.

With a strong background in 3D CAD Design, in 2002 Peter was referred to Ron Denman at Kenyon Laboratories who was looking for an engineer to help with the complete re-design of the Kenyon Gyros for modern production.

With the re-design of the Kenyon Gyros complete Peter turned his attention to gyro applications. Gyromounts.com was established in 2007 to provide portable Vertical Gimbal Mounts for aerial imaging and to support custom Kenyon Gyro applications.  

In a need to improve the existing Gyromounts.com design configurations Peter Papathanasiou collaborated with Ron Denman from Kenyon Laboratories to come up with a revolutionary new gyro design. In 2013 Peter was awarded a U.S. patent along with Ron Denman as co-inventor of the X-Series (4-lobe) Gyro. Many of the design configurations offered by Gyromounts.com make use of the Kenyon X-Series Gyro for true 3-axis gyro-stabilization. Peter still works closely with Ron Denman to develop new and innovative gyro designs for Kenyon Laboratories.

The foundation of Gyromounts.com products lies in innovative design and engineering. Gyromounts.com offers a variety of stabilization platforms for common stabilization applications. Standard stabilization platforms can be re-configured to satisfy custom applications. Engineering drawings of custom mount and enclosure configurations are produced and reviewed with the customer prior to manufacture.

Electrical design is performed by long time associate John Schunemann. John's area of expertise is in industrial machine control systems and robotics. John was integral to the design and development of the Gyromounts.com Power Gimbal Pan-Tilt Control Console.

Gyromounts.com uses the latest technologies to manufacture parts as required to rapidly build single units or quantity orders. Mounts are manufactured to the highest quality possible with no shortcuts or skimpy parts used. This design philosophy produces mounts of superior build quality with mounts considered to be more industrial than typical mass market products. Frames and enclosures are also considered “heavy duty” and built to support and protect the mounts in real world applications.

Every mount produced is fully tested before shipping for quality and fully functional operation. Each mount comes with a tool kit and users manual with detailed drawings and instructions on the proper setup and use of the mount. 24 hour phone support is provided for the life of the mount. If any manufactured part fails during normal use of the mount Gyromounts.com will replace the part for the life of the mount. We keep a detailed record of each unit and can provide individual parts as needed.

Customers are encouraged to visit our facilities for direct consultation on a particular configuration or for a Gyromounts.com product demo.
Gyromount training is provided at our location in Uncasville, CT.

24 hour technical support is provided for the life of the mount

Gyromounts.com display at the PhotoPlus Expo in NYC